The Smith

Last week I went back to Florida (my home state!) for my cousin Autumn’s wedding.  It was absolutely gorgeous and it was the first time I had been with my entire family in over a year.  Being around everyone made me realize how different we all are and also how we have always bonded over our obsession for food. For this grilled cheese I was inspired by one of my family’s favorite desserts that just so happened to end up as unconventional as my own relatives.

I changed up the ingredients to make it more grilled cheese friendly by using:

– two slices of brioche loaf
-1 tbs mascarpone
-1 tbs apricot jam
-2 pads of butter
-1 serving of your favorite french toast batter

     I whisked together the following:
       – 1 egg
       – 1/2 cup of milk
       – 1 tbs brown sugar
       – 1 tsp vanilla
       – 1/2 tsp cinnamon

After I whisked the french toast batter together I submerged my brioche slices one at a time until they were completely soaked but not too soggy.  This took about 2 minutes for each slice.

After they were both soaked, I heated up my skillet to medium/high heat and threw in one pad of butter.  Once it was melted, I put in both the pieces of brioche in the skillet very carefully so they didn’t tear or fall apart.

After they were browned on each side (about 2-3 minutes) I took them off the skillet to let them rest.  In the meantime I mixed the filling for the sammie by scooping out the mascarpone…

Then the apricot jam…

Stirred them both together…

And spread the mixture on the bread.

When I thought it had enough filling I put the other piece of french toast on top.

This is where it gets unconventional! Because my pieces of brioche were both still hot, the heat started to melt the mixture without even having to put it on the skillet again!

(However if you find your bread hasn’t held the heat you can throw the sandwich back on the buttered skillet for a few more minutes to help heat up the mascarpone mixture)

I cut that baby in half because it just looked too damn good and I couldn’t wait anymore!

Don’t forget, melted cheese creates a strong bond… no matter if it’s between two pieces of bread or between a family!




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