Midnight Soldier

Who likes to party??  We do!!  Who likes to have way too many drinks and scrounge through the fridge and make their friends some serious munchies in the middle of the night?……………….I do! 
These little soldiers are perfect for satisfying that after hour hunger attack and the bite sized proportions are super helpful for those of us whose fine motor skills aren’t so hot after a night on the town.

After I was scrounging through my fridge I decided on the following ingredients to make these delicious little suckers.


-1 french baguette, thinly sliced
– real butter
– white truffle oil
– goat cheese
caramelized onions

After you’ve got everything out, go ahead and spread a thin coat (or a thick coat depending on your taste and/or drunkness level) of goat cheese on each slice.

Next, plop a spoonful of caramelized onions onto one side of each sammie.  This step is kind of tricky because those caramelized onions are just too damn good not to compulsively destroy.

Hopefully you were able to avoid eating too many onions and had enough to fill your GC’s. If so, go ahead and put on the other slice on top. If not, tell some of your friends to go home.

Then, put some butter on each side and turn the skillet up to medium heat and you’ll be good to go!

Done? Ok! Throw these little devils into your pan.

Since these are so small and goat cheese is already so soft, they only take a 1-2 minutes on each side. After a nice, golden brown crust has developed flip it and spray/drizzle the truffle oil onto the crispy side.  I believe that spraying the oil on at this step allows it to hold the most flavor and the retaining heat allows the bread to stay crispy and crunchy.

When the other side is also browned, take ’em off the skillet and serve immediately!

Oh, and make sure to tell your friends to breathe between bites!




  1. Hi Mackenzie,
    Another winner! This looks fabulous!
    Your grilled cheese sandwiches are so fantastic, I am going to add your link to my site's front page. Keep up the great work!


  2. “If not, tell some of your friends to go home.”

    Hahaha!!! I love your blog. Hilarious and drool-inducing! I just discovered it this week and have been making my way through the archives…


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