Hampton’s Heat

Wow it’s been a long time! This month has been crazy, not only did i accidently eat sea urchin (I’m allergic to shellfish…yikes!) on my 24th birthday but I also moved to Williamsburg to a super cute apartment with a lot more room and a waaayyyyy cuter kitchen.  In addition to this, some of my best friends came into the city to help me cope celebrate.  Along with them they brought me some super special grilled cheese ingredients which will be featured in this lovely sammie.

These ingredients were picked out by my besties Whitney and Sarah from thier local farmers market in the Hamptons.

– 2 tbs extra virgin hot pepper infused olive oil
– 2 slices sourdough
– 3/4 cup of sag harbor’s finest mecox cheddar
– 1/2 cup of roasted artichokes hearts
  (to do this i got a bag of frozen artichoke hearts, sprinkled them with the hot pepper olive oil,  some salt, pepper and garlic powder then tossed them all together and put them in the oven for 40 minutes on 400 degrees)

I began by grating the cheddar and then sprinkled half of the cheese onto one side of the bread.

Then I evenly lined up the roasted artichokes hearts on top of the cheese.

Next I sprinkled the remaining cheddar on top of the artichoke hearts.

After all the ingredients were stacked upon each other, I put the last piece of bread on top and heated up my skillet to medium high.

Now that the sammie was complete and the burner’s hot, i drizzled 1 tbs of the  olive oil into the pan and put the GC in.  Then I drizzled the other tbs of olive oil on top of the GC.

I let it cook for about 2 minutes on each side until it was that nice golden beautiful brown that makes these sammie’s oh so delicious.

Once the color was even on both sides I took it off the skillet and served it immediately!

Thanks Whit and Sarah for coming to the city and bringing me these super sweet ingredients.  Oh, and don’t forget to have some water on hand because this GC has a kick from that hot pepper oil.  Enjoy!




  1. Exactly what kinds of “shellfish” are you allergic to. Shellfish is a bit of a loose term, hope you're not missing out on something that you can eat!


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