The Bedforder

About a month ago I moved out of the city to Williamsburg.  Although I miss the convenience of being close to whole foods (specifically my cute cheese guy) and a million other little gourmet markets, I found one of the best cutest cheese shops EVER.  Bedford Cheese Shop is super amazing and the staff is lovely and helpful and adorable.  Yes, adorable omg i melt. Oh and they let me bring my lil pup Olly in while i’m shopping around and I love that!  The cheese they recommended was amazing and i just so happened to make a grilled cheese out of it. Weird right? HA.

So this is what I used!


– Sharfe Maxx cheese!
– 1 cooked chicken apple sausage
– 4 pieces sliced french bread
– 2 pads of real salted butter

So this cheese def has a really funky ripe smell.  Some of you might be turned off from eating this because it smells like ass but i’m not kidding when i say this stuff is delicious.  It is super rich but, very smooth and cream cream CREAMY. It melts like a snowman in july (but not as watery if you didn’t figure that out already).  Back to the recipe! It’s not that complicated, but we’ll begin by lying the cheese on the bread!

Now isn’t that pretty? Now lay some of the chicken apple sausage down on two of the pieces.  Don’t forget to cook it though, i don’t want anyone dying from this extreme GC…

Ahh!! it just keeps getting better (that may also be because my friend Liam is staying with us and he has a super dope camera).  After that, put the ones without the sausage onto the ones with the sausage  and add some butter (not pictured – sorry when i’m hungry i can’t really think straight).

So this cheese melts wonderfully but I wasn’t sure how fast it would melt so I had my burner set to a medium heat. It worked pretty good. After they were buttered on one side I put them butter side down into the hot skillet.

You know that beutiful brown that always happens and that I’ve mentioned on yeah that one… well once it gets there, flip it!

So melty and good so far.  I wish I had more cheese to make one right now but i don’t. WaAaahHHHH! Enough of the cry baby bit though, once it’s browned on both sides take it off the skillet it and eat it immediately!

If you live in the NYC area you should def check out this store.  I am in love, it’s official.  Oh and if you don’t, you can buy a cheese subscription and they’ll mail you cheese each month! WHAT A GREAT GIFT IDEA! hint hint….

For your Health!




  1. Some of the smelliest cheeses are the tastiest. My dad used to love Limburger cheese. Every time he went into Manhattan to go shopping, he would head to this local cheese shop and all he wanted was Limburger. He could bring it home and when he opened it we all would complain BUT he was in heaven. He said it was his favorite. Not ours.

    I love almost any kind of cheese BUT not Limburger. Ick. I tried it a few years back and couldn't see what my dad loved so much about it

    This sandwich looks amazing. I could use a bite!


  2. Oh I wish I had one of these right now! This look amazing, I thought I was being gourmet with using gorgonzola and bacon, but this is way beyond that. I need to get one of those press thingys too, thanks!


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