Cheez-on-Indian – Indian Grilled Cheese with Curried Vegetables and Paneer

When one of my readers asked for an Asian themed GC, it was all I could think about.  I was doing some research on Asian cheeses and didn’t really find a whole lot because I was thinking that the sammie had be Southeast Asian. But alas, I found a loophole.  It’s still considered Asian even if it’s Indian themed(in my geographically challenged mind, at least) so I decided to use the one and only Indian cheese i knew.  Paneer. Oh and by the way I officially have no idea how to cook Indian food.  I really like it, but for one reason or another I’ve never really tried to make anything outside the realm of curry. So here’s my take…

And here’s what I used!


– 2 pieces of garlic flavored naan
– 1/2 tbs garlic salt
– 2 pads real butter
– 6 slices of paneer
-1 tbs yellow curry sauce
-3 tbs marinated veggies
 (finely chop 2 carrots, 1 small cucumber,1 half      medium red onion, and combine with 4 tbs ricewine vinegar,1 tbs fresh mint, 1 ts fresh cilantro, 1 ts ground cumin, and 1 ts salt. let sit for 30 minutes)

 After you’ve got your salad marinating, go ahead and slice the cheese so it will fit onto the naan. 

Next, smear on the curry sauce.  The only reason I used yellow curry was because it was already in my fridge! I’m sure that it would be delicious with any type of curry and I really wished I had some peanut curry sauce hanging around in there. oh well.

Time for those marinated veggies!

Then another layer of the paneer.

Almost done! put the top piece of naan on top.

Now butter me up and call me a biscuit grilled cheese. oh, and add some garlic salt.

Now crank up the stove to a high heat.  Why a high heat you ask?! Well let me explain!  Paneer doesn’t melt.  Because paneer is never aged it doesn’t have the opportunity for the fat structure and proteins to change which is why it never melts!  I had to google this because I was a little concerned about how this was going to work.  Anyways, if you just blast the heat on this sucker, it will brown the bread and also heat up the cheese so it’s nice and warm.  There’s no need to let it sit for a while because no matter how long it sits on your stove, it ain’t meltin’.

After about a minute the naan should get crispy and golden, like this:

Once it’s like that on both sides, take it off and eat it immediately!

So although this cheese isn’t melty and gorgeous like the other sandwiches, I guarantee you that there are a lot of delicious flavors going on in here AND my roomies thought it was $$$.  And i hope you will too!



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  1. Oh my god… that looks amazing.

    I bet adding indian lime pickle or green mango pickle would work really well too – they are super acidic and they do a great job balancing fatty/rich flavors like paneer.


  2. Okay, I really like this. I was intrigued at the photo on Tastespotting, and now that I see the ingredients it got even better! We make tons of naan and Indian food here, so this will be a nice switch-up.

    Cheers and thanks,



  3. Indian chilli cheese: white sandwich bread, kraft singles or dliced cheddar; finely chopped spring onion, cilantro and green chilli (birdseye or jalapeno)
    Pile on a sibgle slice and grill


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