Mr. Lucky Duck – Fried Tempeh Rueben with Swiss and Pickled Red Cabbage

The Irish know what’s up, for real.  I mean for me St. Patrick’s Day has become a holiday that I celebrate by drinking way too much green beer, devouring chocolate coins, and annoying the h*** out of my redhead friends (sorry guys, i love you all).  Oh and how could I forget my incessant need to quote that famous viral leprechaun video from Mobile, AL? It’s so ridic, I love it.

But beyond that you’ve gotta eat and why not do that by eating a semi-Irish themed grilled cheese? Here’s my take on the classic St. Patty’s meal of corned beef and cabbage but in GC form!  This little sandwich will make you feel lucky, even if your double vision is blocking you from finding a four leaf clover.

So here are the golden ingredients!

 – 2 slices of seeded rye bread
– pads of kerrygold butter
– 2 slices of swiss cheese
– 1 tbs of Annie’s naturals thousand island dressing
– 1/4 cup of sweet and sour red cabbage
– 3 (or more) pieces of fried tempeh (I used
   tempeh because I’m a freak and won’t eat meat
   unless it’s organic/local and I couldn’t find any
   organic corned beef in FL, but def use it if you like it!)

So to begin, lay one slice of swiss cheese down onto your seeded rye bread.

Then spoon about a fourth’a’cup or so of the sweet and sour cabbage on top of the cheese.  Depending on the size of your bread, add more if necessary.  Pile it on thick because this cabbage stuff is a really good, good thing.

Now it’s time for the tempeh.  Totally use corned beef if that’s your type of thing, but believe me, tempeh is really great on this type of sandwich.

After you’ve put the tempeh on(or corned beef, whatevs), go ahead and place the last piece of cheese on top.

 Then it’s time to put on the other piece of bread! Almost done!

So at this point your sammie is built so it’s time to cook it!  Heat one pad of butter over medium heat and add your GC.  Rub it around so it can evenly soak up that delicious Irish butter.  I can’t even keep Kerrygold in my apartment because it’s too good. I put it on things that butter isn’t even supposed go on, I’ve got butter issues but don’t tell anyone.

Once it’s in and cooking, butter the other side of the bread.  The heat will make the butter smear on easier.

Cook until it’s golden, brown, and delicious on each side.  It took me (I was using a cast iron skillet) about 3 to 4 minutes on each side.

Then when the cheese is all gooey and melted take it off, and serve it to all your drunk friends.  COME ON make ’em feel lucky!

So I hope everyone haves a super fun St. Patty’s day and gets lucky (in one way or another)!  Slainte! Oh and if ya seen daaa leprechaun say yeahhhhhhh!




  1. MacKenzie the Luck of the Irish be with ya!!! Ya never cease to amaze me with your creativity, this sammy is my “Pot of Gold!” Hope ya be covered in Gold Dust this St. Patty's Day!!


  2. To be fair, It's only a grilled cheese if the ingredients are bread and cheese. Once you put in something else, It becomes a ________ sandwich with cheese.


  3. @ anon, to be fair, that's some bogus information you've got and some super restricting boundaries you've set up for yourself.

    Take a peek inside of the Food Network Magazine and you'll see a whole spread of crazy “grilled cheeses” just like on my website. Also, check out the grilled cheese invitational contest and the grilled cheese academy. These might help you have some more fun and allow more creativity with your own grilled cheese creations.


  4. Anon – what are you the sandwich police? So silly.

    Corned beef is actually super easy to make, although it does take about 10 days to make. You can also corn turkey! I missed out on doing it this year, but hopefully I will get my act together for next year – and then really enjoy this sandwich.


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