Grilled Chees’a’dilla – Cheddar, Pineapple, and Black Bean Grilled Cheese Quesadilla

Whelp, i’m back in Brooklyn and missing the warm weather and the beach.  I can’t even believe how chilly it is right now.  I left 75 degree weather only to be greeted by freezing disgusting rain/slush and cloudy skies…YUCK!  Whatevs though, at least I can still eat like I’m at the beach.  I had this delicious quesadilla when I was home and I had to make it again to help me cope with my seasonal affect longing for the warm weather so I figured I’d do a post on it to help any of you who are having withdraws like me. It’s from this delicious restaurant in New Smyrna Beach called Clancy’s Cantina.  If you’re ever there, def check it out! Disfrutar de mis amigos!

So I didn’t totally copy them but it’s pretty close.  Here is my inspired version…


– 2 medium sized flour tortillas
– thinly sliced mild cheddar cheese
– 1 tbs of diced pineapple
– 2 tbs of black beans
– 1 tbs of vegetable oil
– a few springs of cilantro
* amounts may vary depending on
   tortilla size*

To begin, you’ll want to lay a few pieces of the cheddar on top of one of the tortillas.  Remember to try and center the cheese in the middle to avoid it spilling out while it’s melting.  You can also use shredded cheese which would probably work a little better and melt a little smoother.

Next you’ll want to gently spoon on all of the black beans.

Now it’s time for the pineapple! I love the pineapple in this because it just provides a perfect little pop of sweetness in each bite.  I think it marries perfectly with the saltiness of the cheddar and the heaviness of the black beans. 

After that, it’s time to add the cilantro.  I will put cilantro on anything but i know that some people hate the stuff so feel free to avoid it if you’re not into it.  Cilantro Hater’s it’s not your fault!

Now pile on the last of the cheese while trying to keep the most of it in the center. 

Then for the last step,  just add the other tortilla and you’re done building!

Before you put the quesadilla in your pan you’ll want to add half the oil and turn the heat to medium high.  Once the oil and the pan starts to heat up add the sammie and spin it to evenly distribute the oil.

After about a 2 or 3 minutes on one side, pick the quesadilla up with your spatula and drizzle the remaining olive oil, flip the sandwich, and spin it.  Cook for an additional few minutes until it looks all purrtyyyy and golden and the cheese is melted throughout.

Then take it off the skillet and serve!

Pair with some pico, sour cream, lime wedges, and some sunshine (or really bright lamps if you’re stuck in the cold like me) and you’ll have a delicious semi-tropical meal!




  1. This has to be one of my favorites!!! When it is to hot outside to eat a grilled cheese, I can try this out!! Looks refreshing and healthy!! Your photos are beautiful!! I also love the idea of the pinapple, its adds that extra pop!!!!


  2. OMG your blog is the best thing i have ever stumbled across. like you, cheese is my favourite. i've always wanted to open a grilled cheese restaurant, and have always thought I'd have the best recipes, but yours are by far the most amazing i have ever seen.


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