Little Boy Blue – Blue Cheese Grilled Cheese with Morbier, Pear and Tupelo Honey

I get no greater joy than from jumping out behind a door and scaring the **** out of my friends.  With my recent infatuation with Matthew Gray Gubler Criminal Minds (yes, i’m a dork) the scaring/spooking/pranking has hit an all time high.  So it’s no surprise that one of my friends would fall victim to the paranoia that I’ve instilled when they hang out with me.  Unfortunately for my friend Max – waking up with a blue tongue seemed like the result of a prank from the previous night.  With frantic texts inquiring about how his tongue got dyed blue, I was filled with a sense of awesomeness. I had not done anything to turn his tongue blue but I was thrilled that he thought I was the culprit behind this amazing situation. I had become the prank queen (inadvertently).

Too bad it all ended when Max Criminal Minded (def: solved the mystery) the situation by remembering that he ate a bag of m&m’s before bedtime.  So as a sort of cheers to this self-inflicted prank, a blue cheese grilled cheese was created.

For Max’s blue tongue grilled cheese inspiration, this is what I used…


– 1 tbs of crumbled Asher Blue Cheese 
  (Sweetgrass Dairy, GET SOME! )
– 1/2 tbs of Tupelo Honey
– 2 pats of salted butter
– 1 slice of Morbier Cheese
   (Sweetgrass Dairy, I love my cheese 
– 1 English Muffin
– 2 or 3 slices of pear

To begin, let’s talk about this Morbier cheese.  This cheese smells totally awful but tastes totally delicious.  It has a really creamy texture when it melts and sort of tastes like a blue brie (almost).  I also liked the name because I think Morbier kind of sounded like morbid which fits in perfectly with the “scared” theme that I’m going with today.

But anyways, to begin cut your English Muffin in half and flip it over so the bottom is the side with all the delicious nooks and crannies.

Now simply pile on a few pieces of pear.  The semi-grainy texture of the pear is really great when it’s held up against the melted cheese and crunchtastic texture of the grilled English Muffin.

After that, gently sprinkle on some of the Blue Cheese.  If it falls off the sandwich, don’t worry – the next step will help keep the blue cheese on.

At this point, drizzle on some Tupelo Honey.  If you read my blog you know I swear by this stuff and consider every other honey to be sub-par to this delicious southern treat.  Also, this would be a good time to try and stick some of the blue cheese back on if you were having trouble in the previous step.

Now you’re almost done!  Just put on the top piece of English Muffin (remember inside on the outside!) and smear a pat of butter all up in those delicious little nooks and crannies.  Then once your sammie is built, go ahead and melt the other pat of butter in your skillet by turning the heat to medium.  Then when it’s melted, gently place sammie in and try to sop up all the butter.

Depending on how hot your range gets, it should take about 3-4 minutes to develop a nice crispy crust on the english muffin.  Once it’s ready on one side, gently flip the grilled cheese and brown the other side as well.

Then when evenly golden and crispy on each side, take it out of the skillet and serve while it’s all hot and gooey!

Remember, scaring people can be a lot of fun and so can eating this delicious sandwich.  So please, try both of them (but don’t hurt anyone, please) and let me know how it goes. Have a spooktastic week!




  1. Oh wow yes PLEASE! I've had a blue cheese weekend – I made blue cheese shortbread/crackers, and have been putting the leftovers on EVERYTHING! Luckily I think I have enough left to make a sandwich like this one…great idea!


  2. That looks absolutely delicious. It makes me really sad that I'm stuck in a dorm without a kitchen and I can't make yummy looking sandwiches like that. I love how you flipped the English muffin so it's kind of inside out. Yuuummmmmm.


  3. Read a article about you in the Tampa Tribune today!!! Finally, something worth reading!!! Love you site!!! Trying something new tonight!


  4. Love everything you post, my darling. I've been re-posting pretty much everything on my blog, just because i want everyone to eat as well as you. if you're interested.

    Thanks for coming up with such delicious concoctions! 🙂


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