Pretzel Logic – Cheddar, Chow Chow, Sweet and Hot Mustard Pretzel Roll Grilled Cheese

 The other day I was strutting around walking like a normal human being around Trader Joe’s with my headphones feeding me some sweet, sweet melodies from Steely Dan, when all of a sudden a pretzel loaf caught my eye.  “What was this?” I asked, only to feel a wave of excitement roll through me like Donald Fagen tickling the ivories on Can’t Buy a Thrill.

Had I found the perfect item to make a post that tied together my two favorite things – food and music?  I believe so.  Like Steely Dan, this sandwich is complex and full of texture but comes together with smooth harmonizing pieces and is almost a little too close to perfection… almost.

It seems like only yesterday I gazed through the glass when I used the following ingredients:


– 1 soft pretzel roll
– 1 tbs of chow chow
– 1 tsp of sweet and hot mustard
– 2 pats of salted butter
– a few slices of Sweet Grass Dairy’s black
  swan cheese (or any mild cheddar)

As you can see I found some pretzel bread. OMGawwdd was it good.  I had never eaten it before but it was some of the most delicious bread I’ve ever had – soft, salty, and sort of sweet.  Unfortunately it was a rather small loaf but it turned out to be a lot of fun to make a few lil’baby grilled cheeses rather than a big ‘ole one. 

So to begin,  I just sliced sliced the loaf up and spread on some of the hot and spicy mustard.  Gotta have mustard on a pretzel, right?

Then I layered some of the black swan cheese on top.  
FYI: I got a cheese subscription from Sweet Grass Dairy so you’ll see me using a lot of this brand – which is pretty amazing.  I know a lot of you probably can’t find it in your area so I’ll make sure to list some alternatives that would be fitting. I’ve got to be honest and tell you that when I saw the black swan label I was kind of horrified freaked out (that movie did a number on my mental stability), but I totally got over it when I tasted this delicious cheddary type of cheese.  It was mild, creamy, smooth and  harmonized with the sweet and spiciness of the chow chow and the mustard and with the saltiness of the pretzel bread. 

And after that I piled on the chow chow.  Being from south, chow chow was something that we always had in our fridge and I rarely can find a good jar up North.  Luckily for me, I have the best mom and uncle in the entire world and they mail me “food care packages” on the reg.  If you haven’t been able to experience the goodness of chow chow, It’s basically a super chunky relish that’s made from green tomatoes, cabbage, hot peppers, and an abundance of other crunchy veggies.  Pickle relish doesn’t have smack on chow chow, and that’s for real.

Next, put on some more cheese.

And top it off with another piece of that delicious pretzel bread.

Smear on some butter and heat your pan to medium and place these little guys in.

Cook for about three minutes on each side until it develops a golden and flaky crust.

Once the cheese has finally melted and it’s crispy and golden on each side you know it’s done.  Take it out and serve with a black cow and some pickled okra and have yourself a little picnic.

Any major dude will tell you that this combo is worth grillin.  *guitar solo*




  1. Chow Chow and pretzel bread!?! This sounds amazing! Im from the south too but live in Chicago and have my mom send me jars of chow chow all the time! Cant wait to try this sandwich


  2. Blowing it up!!! All time favorite!! How can you go wrong with chow chow and pickle okra.Pretzel Bread grilled cheese is da bomb!!! Going to visit Sweet Grass Dairy this week-end when I am in Tallahassee!!! Thanks for always giving us something new!!!


  3. My best friend and I have long bonded over cheese sandwiches, so we were both very excited to find your blog. Is it sad that we bond over sandwiches? Once, we thought maybe it was. Now we know better.

    Also, when I asked my husband what he was making for dinner tonight (after showing him the blog this morning), he sheepishly replied that he had run right out to get the ingredients for the Blue Buffalo. SCORE.


  4. I think I would have sliced the pretzel roll in half, like a hoagie roll, and made a long grilled cheese, with the white parts facing out to be grilled. 🙂 Matter of fact, I'm hitting up Fresh Market and getting some pretzel rolls soon! Thanks for the inspiration! Also, try Wickle Relish, or Wickles themselves. 🙂


  5. OMG!! It is so nice to hear someone else say chow chow. I am from Texas and most recently Georgia, but moved to central NY last summer and I'll be darned if I can't find any stinkin' chow chow. How is a girl supposed to eat Pintos without some chow chow? UGH!!!

    By the way…this sandwich looks AMAZING! I love it!!! I have added you to mu bloglist over at and I will be coming back to see what lovely and delicious kind of grilled cheeses you are spitting out.


  6. Sweet Grass Dairy is sooo delicious! They sell a bunch of different kinds of honey, vinegars, wine, preserves, and various salumi, too. I'm in school at FSU and I go up to Thomasville all the time to buy copious amounts of cheese. I'll have to try that black swan…


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