While you wait

Well hello pilgrims! I know everyone someone (anyone?) out there in the blogosphere is probably in tears waiting for a new GC post to be up this week but unfortunately I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to do a write-up. I’ve already shot it though, and let me tell you, a combo of caponata jam, goat cheese, and fresh mint grilled between some buttery whole wheat bread makes for one sassy little sandwich.

 And luckily for you, my good buddy ole pal, Travis, made you something AWESOME to smile at while you pass the time. Weeeeeeeeee!

Am i dancing? If not, click on me!




  1. its ok! I love your blog and I love grilled cheese! just found you via blog lovin..
    also just started my own blog today.. check it out!



  2. I love dancing cheese! I Like it like that,she 's shaken that thing..Don't know where she's at…..Slow motion for ya….hahah


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