Your New Neighbor

Alright y’all, let’s start this video series off right with a fresh and tasty new grilled cheese that’ll make you wanna slap yo mama! This little baby has all that is good and holy; Creamy toscano cheese melted onto crispy sweet potato fries, all grilled up between two slices of sourdough bread with some sweet and tangy barbecue butter. This is definitely a tasty little treat that you and your homies will love. I guarantee it! Well maybe not, unless you hate cheese, then get outta here. This website’s not for you ya biscuit head!

And in case you’d like some real instructions, then here ya go.

1 cup syrah soaked toscano cheese, grated
1 handful of sweet potato fries, cooked
2 pats of butter, room temp
2 tsp of barbecue seasoning
2 slices of sourdough bread

1. Combine barbecue seasoning with the butter and stir. Set aside.
2. Pile half of the cheese onto one piece of bread and top with sweet potato fries. Cover fries with the remaining cheese and place the top piece of bread on top. Smear that with barbecue butter.
3. Turn your stove top to medium heat and place the sandwich butter side down. Smear the rest of the butter onto the upper piece of bread and smush the sandwich with a press.
4. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until it’s all golden and toasty and the cheese starts to ooze out the sides. Remove from heat and let it sit for a few minutes.

And how could I forget to thank my awesome friends and new neighbor/old bestie/videographer Christian Torres for shooting this ridiculously fun video. You should definitely check out his work if you know what’s good fer ya. Until next time my friends…




  1. Your blog has achieved HEAVENLY status. I adore the video. please tell me this will be a regular feature and how fricken fun was it to make?

    I would DIE to join forces and create a bookish themed grilled cheese specifically for TNBBC!!! Don't laugh, lady, I'm mostly serious… we could call it the “Indie Melt”… it would be AWESOME!! c'mon, don't make me beg!


  2. Knew your video would be great!! We always thought you should have done one called “College Cooking with Kenzie”, Now if you could just add cyper aroma, love the smell of sweet potatoe fries!


  3. I adore the humble grilled cheese sandwich, but never quite realised the epic proportions it could get to before this blog!

    So much to try… so much to taste!

    I better get crackin'


  4. OMG i love this page!! My mom and I shared a delicius grilled cheese today with brie, apple, and fig jam 🙂 YUM! If you are interested in eating these yummy grilled cheese and losing weight, check out my blog for the diet craze SENSA! I'm going to document my experience and would love to share my story! Thanks 🙂


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