Roast BFF – Red Rock, Roasted Red Peppers, and Roast Beef Grilled Cheese

I don’t have any tattoos but I’ve been thinking about getting one lately. Not something serious. Something ridiculous. Something that I won’t hate in a year or two or twenty, but instead will laugh at and roll my eyes in a flirtatious manner when someone spots it. Maybe like a hot dog with ketchup spelling “love” in cursive or a super technical drawing of a purple bat drinking a milkshake. Definitely something with food in it. But then every time I think I’ve figured out the perfect thing, I freak because I have no idea where I should get it. Is the inside of my wrist a good idea? Or on my ribbies? What about my right butt cheek? God the possibilities are endless. Which just makes me think that I’ll never get this tattoo that I’ve been thinking about. I want one though, real bad.

Why can’t they make like a two-year temporary tat. I’d totally get one of those. Like right now. Probably of a cup of PG Tips with milky vampire teeth.

What really puts me on edge about tattoos is how much I change my mind all the time. I have some sort of interest-ADD. This isn’t just about stuff that I just physically like, (Thank god I didn’t get that nautical star tattoo when I was 15 and heavily into punk rock and depression…i mean…errrrr) it’s everything. I definitely think I change my mind too often. Which, in tattoo world is a horribly scary thing, but in the food world, it’s actually pretty exciting and invigorating. Like my new fondness for roast beef. If I hadn’t changed my mind on that, this tasty little post would have never happened. Roast beef with fire-roasted red peppers, a super sharp cheddar blue and sourdough come together to create one hell of a grilled cheese and also serve as living proof that changing my mind is totally acceptable. Yep.

Thank god I took that little bite at work the other day. This simple little ingredient list wouldn’t be the same without this new found knowledge.


– 1 cup of Red Rock cheese, grated
(or some sort of cheddar-blue)
– 1.5 tbsp roasted red pepper strips
– 3-4  slices of roast beef
– 2 pats of butter
– 2 slices of pullman loaf

I’m not sure if people who don’t work with cheese for a “living” (is that what I’m calling it these days?) know what a cheddar blue is but you have to try it. It’s basically a piece of aged cheddar that’s been injected with some bacteria so that it takes on both characteristics of a mild blue cheese and a sharp cheddar. This Red Rock cheese, from Wisconsin, is colored with thee annatto seed which gives it a deep orange, almost red, hue. It’s da bomb and pairs excellently with roast beef.

 So to begin, sprinkle on half of this goodness that they call Red Rock onto a slice of bread.

Then pile on some slabs of roast beef.

Oh hey there, you’re looking a little rare today, just like I like you.

And add some roasted red peppers to lighten the mood. I think these little strips really brighten up the sandwich and make it not so rich and heavy. And they’re pretty! Yay for pretty things.

Pile on the rest of the cheese that you have left. I said you’ll need a whole cup of cheese mainly so that you can taste it and make everyone around you taste a little nibble. That’s what I always do. 

 Smack on the top piece of bread and give it a little smush to make all the tasty things get more compact.

Turn your heat to medium low and melt one little pat of butter all around. Add in your creation and dab the other butter on the other side. This will help soften it up and make it easier for spreading when you’re about to flip it.

After about 6 minutes, it should be getting all nice and crisp, at which point you’ll smear that little pat of butter all over your bread and flip the sandwich. Let it cook until it gets all pretty on the other side and then take it out of the pan.

Then LET IT CHILL! Not like get cold, but like give it a second before you bite in. The cheese needs to set, remember? I always tell you this and you never listen. That’s why you have all those weird burns around your mouth. C’mon. Get yourself together.

Cheers to new food-likes and unavoidable indecisiveness. Oh that reminds me, what about getting  a piece of fried chicken with hot sauce hearts dripping off of it?

I would love to hear about your tattoos, if you have any. I need advice or more legitimately, help.




  1. All I want for Mothers Day is for you NOT to get a tattoo!! Oh by the way love this new Sammie!!! I want that cheese! Where can one find it in Florida?? I will be sending you peel off tatoo's


  2. ok… that cross section is to die for… that is my most favourite way to look at a panini, grilled cheese etc. i have one tat….. meaning “crazy beautiful” its got some meaning to it… probably too much to get inked with… keep those beauty's coming!


  3. I don't have any tattoos – I've thought about it and I'm so glad I didn't get any of the designs I considered! I also have a few friends with tattoos they regret… and a few friends with tattoos they still love ten years on. Which I guess means I have no great advice for you – I'm just saying hello.


  4. Hi Mackenzie.
    I've got a big tattoo of a rose & a robin (little English countryside bird). It made a cool 'Sailor Jerry' inspired tattoo and Robin & Rose just happen to be my Mum & Dad's names. Bit of a tribute – they're still with us, so a live tribute, if you will.
    I work in East London and everyone is covered in cool tattoos, so it was inevitable for me.
    In my opinion, you're more individual without a tattoo – but I love mine. And it's a fascinating experience, physically getting one done. And it's between rib and hip on my left hand side, so only my boyfriend sees it. And he paid for it, as these babies are expensive!
    Go for timeless, go for something with a tiny story and go for hidden. You don't want to be explaining a joke arm tattoo to everyone you meet.
    Love the 2 new sandwiches. We missed you! Jo. x


  5. I have 4 tattoos. I'm moving to South Korea in July, and I will have to hide them there, but other than that, I love them. They all have a really important meaning to me, and as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter what anyone else sees when they look at the flower or the tree on my feet. They stand for important markers in my life; things I never want to forget. So they will always be a part of me, both physically and mentally.

    If you care about something enough, it doesn't matter. Just get it done, it'll be worth it!


  6. Food items are a great inspiration for tattoos. You could do chili peppers, fruit, garlic, two knives crossing, chef hat, the possibilities seem endless. I don’t know how big you want it, but having about 12 hours of work done on the ribs I can tell you that it’s not the most fun place to get ink. Definitely doable though. That’d probably be the best place if you don’t always want people to see it. Having one on your wrist really jumps out, but it will hurt a little less. I say do it either way, but prepare to want another one after you get it. I got my first one eleven years ago and was just in the shop like last week. They are addictive. Do your research on artists too, even if it’s a simple piece. There are a lot of lousy tattoo artists out there sadly, so ask around and see who’s really doing solid work in your area.
    Good luck and thank you for the sandwich ideas. I love tattoos, but I REALLY love sandwiches.


  7. I don't have any tatoo's but lately I too have been wondering if I have the guts to take the plunge. But where does one find the perfect fit?
    The sandwich looks delish by the way! I am going out tomorrow to buy the ingredients.
    Love your blog and come back all the time to see whats new! I also write a blog called Writing in Heels if you want to check it out!


  8. have you ever heard of Melt in cleveland? you need to know about it first of all because it's an all grilled cheese restaurant, but also because they have this thing where if you get a tattoo of one of their logos you get 25% off your bill for life. I think they could do a little better than 25% off personally, but I still think it's a hilariously awesome idea, especially because one of their logos is a grilled cheese and crossbones. you gotta check it out:


  9. I've got a junk food half sleeve: cupcake, ice cream cone, a taco, sushi, candy corn, gummy bears, peeps, and a honey bear — get whatever makes you happy! don't overthink it. I think that's counter to all other advice ha but I love random, silly tattoos (and especially food tattoos!)


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