The Prefect – Herbed Cream Cheese, Turkey, and Peppadew Grilled Cheese

Photo: Heidi Larsen of Foodie Crush

The perfect turkey sandwich is something that one dreams about. Well, at least if you’re anything like me, that is. I’ve been trying to make the perfect one since that horrible time in 6th grade when my mom went out of town and my dad was left to feed us. Don’t get me wrong – I love him to death but his cooking skills are nonexistent for a reason. When I realized that it was probably in my best interest to pack my own lunch, I didn’t have a lot to work with. There was cream cheese, pickles, some honey turkey breast, and some everything bagels in the fridge so I stacked ’em up and brought em with me.

Maybe I was just really proud that i made my own lunch, but to my surprise, it was super good! It totally became my go-to turkey sandwich and I ate it for years. Then when I moved to Tallahassee to party study at FSU, I found this delicious sandwich joint called Bagel Bagel. It was my ultimate hangover cure. Come every single morning Saturday and Sunday morning, I would try to pull it together to go get my favorite hot and melty turkey sandwich. Theirs had spinach cream cheese, turkey, sweet peppers and provolone all melted – open faced style – on a baguette.

I loved that sandwich; all melty and bubbly and sweet and savory at the same time. Gah, I’m getting all teary-eyed thinking about the good old days of stuffing my face with their goodness and trying not to puke. But life goes on and to cope with my Bagel Bagel sandwich longing, I created a spinoff of my two favorite turkey creations – and this beautiful baby was born. It features Wisconsin Cream Cheese mixed with fresh herbs and garlic, sweet and spicy peppadews, and thinly sliced honey turkey breast on pumpernickel – because hey – you can’t eat bagels everyday especially… when you’re a 27 year old chick that’s trying to look hot this summer.

If you’d like this recipe, you should totally click [HERE] to see it on Wisconsin Cheese’s website!


  1. OMG I haven't lived in Tally for so long that I totally forgot about Bagel Bagel. Man that place is good…I know exactly what sandwich you're talking about – I've had it before. SO GOOD. Thanks for the reminder.


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