The Wild Tropic Deluxe – Mozzarella, Pineapple, and Pickled Jalapeno Grilled Cheese

I’m just going to put this out there – I LOVE INSTAGRAM. I know, i know i know, you’re probably like “yeah, well duhhhh, who doesn’t?” I’m sure we’re all completely aware that it’s like the most awesome thing ever, but recently my love for this little app has increased by like a million percent. Here’s why:

1. It’s the best way to waste time when you need to look like you’re busy on your phone because all the other apps (eh hem Facebook) suck in comparison, ammiright?
2. The ability to tell your story through pictures is way more inspiring and accessible than most other portals AND you can personally curate whose pictures you get to see – which rules.
3. Most importantly – it’s become this amazing outlet that has allowed me to find other cool and inspiring peeps, which has then led to a bunch of new friendships that have gone from internet-only to IRL.

As my Mom’s reading this, she’s probably all like “OMG WHAT?! You have actually met strangers through instagram?!” And I mean I totally get her concern, but it’s not like the creepy days of meeting someone through an AOL chat room or anything like that. I mean, I haven’t been catfished from this app yet… luckily.  But seriously, it’s so rad. A few months ago I started seeing likes from @wildtropicsclub so I checked them out and was instantly totally obsessed with their account. Their chill vibes, beautiful greenery, dope ass swag, and tropical goodness spoke directly to my heart and I just knew that I’d be friends with these babes once we met.  A few messages back and forth and then BOOM! What do you know? We’re teaming up and drinking brainstorming at a local bar, making plans for an awesome collab. So that’s where this sandwich comes in.

Tied together by our mutual obsession for pineapple and cheese – this tropical pizza grilled cheese was birthed. Oh and we also made this baby as an honorary sandwich to celebrate the greatest holiday of the year… And no it isn’t Easter and if I have to spell it out, then let’s just move on and act like I never said anything about it in the first place. *wink wink i love you*.


Wisconsin mozzarella
-diced pineapple
-pickled jalapenos
-tomato sauce
-Texas toast
-salted butter

So to begin, let’s pile on some of that super deluxe Wisconsin mozzarella. We’re not using the fresh kind today because it doesn’t really melt that good on sandwiches. The processed kind, however, works wonders for grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, and the like.

Next, throw on your bucket hat, light a spliff tiki torch, and turn up the reggae because it’s PINEAPPLE TIME. Add a few pieces and get tropical.

Now it’s time for some heat because you can’t be tropical unless you’re sweating. So throw on some pickled jalapenos and rub your sunscreen in.

Now it’s time to bring in the pizza vibes. Add some sauce and step back. Damn son, lookin’ good.

Add the rest of your cheese and take a deep breath. Let the sandwich melt your mind as you get ready to grill it. And acknowledge , out loud of course, that you’re about to make the perfect snack to cure the munchies. Oh, and be sure to admire this amazing banner that my home girls at Wild Tropics Club made for me.

Now I know I usually talk about grillin’ your GCs in a cast iron skillet at this point, but ya know what, this method is way, way, way easier and much more legit. So let me share my new little secret with y’all:

I started using this Breville panini press for my pop-ups and I’m totes obsessed. It cooks GC sandwiches evenly on both sides at the SAME TIME – so not only is your cooking time cut in half, but your cheese melts perfectly and it just makes this whole process a lot easier. It’s literally the best $169 that I’ve ever spent.

So anyways, as soon as you hear the cheese bubbling, you know that the sandwich is ready to be taken out of the press!

Once you take it out, just let it sit for a second so that all that melty cheesy goodness doesn’t ooze out all over your place when you cut into it. Cool down though, it should only take a minute or so – the perfect amount of time to blow up a beach ball or dig out a Bud Light Lime or ya know… whatever you like to do at the beach.

Ahhh isn’t it good looking?! Now get ready because this is all you’ll want to eat on Sunday. It’s the perfect recipe to end the munchies… fo’real.

Happy early 420 guys!




  1. Totally in love with the Hawaiian flavours in this sambo and I'm definitely a sweet n salty fan, so (big yes) to the pineapple of course. Loving your blog and I'm going to check out your links above and do a little food stalk too 🙂


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